Milestone CompSec: S4.b Federation Agreements and Ops Plan updates

Completed 8 years ago (03/16/12 00:43:18)

  • Review GENI rack functional specifications and designs for operational security and campus/network security and provide inputs as needed for team documents and reviews.
  • Draft Clearinghouse Provider agreement presented to COMIS for discussion. Socialize agreement with key GENI community members before the GEC.
  • Update aggregate provider agreement and the LLR if needed, depending on the plans for GENI meso-scale deployment (rack deployments and GENI enabling of campuses). Work with GPO to decide if these changes will be presented and discussed at GEC13 or a future GEC
  • Identify any new agreements, policies and procedures that might be required by the GENI meso-scale deployment.
  • Review operational procedures and documents from GENI operations and help desk teams (GMOC) for security implications, and provide inputs as needed in email and at GECs.
  • Participate in discussions related to ABAC and authorization in GENI. Provide inputs to the decision on whether ABAC goes forward as the authorization mechanism for GENI; review ABAC implementation related documents before the GEC.
  • Participate in discussions related to authentication in GENI.
  • Serve as the GENI LLR (ongoing)..
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