Milestone CMU Lab:S2.a Automate VPN management

Completed 12 years ago (03/08/10 09:16:54)


  • Develop software to create, allocate keys into, start/stop, and deallocate OpenVPN configurations
  • Integrate the software into ProtoGENI
  • Develop a working model for how layer 2 VPNs should be configured beyond what OpenVPN handles (protocol layering, avoiding collisions with existing networks on hosts)
  • Define Database and rspec designs to encapsulate the above
  • Define ways to configure bridging of these VPNs

This offers:

  • Layer 2 or Layer 3 VPNs between any hosts regardless of if they can directly communicate (provided a chain of configurable systems between them that can communicate exists)
  • VPNs to be considered more lightweight and isolated rather than shared

Status: Completed and demonstrated at GEC7.

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