Milestone BGPMux: Virtual Network with BGPMux How-To --

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Outreach Milestone: Produce a thorough how-to for use of the BGPMux & tunnel server. Should have a fairly user-friendly with pictures, FAQs, examples, etc. The first assignment will be how to setup a virtual network in Emu/ProtoGENI that connects to the Mux. This may double as a hands-on howto/course assignment for later coursework.

Milestone closed: HowTo for operators published online at

OLD milestone (changed 6/9/09): Outreach milestone: Design and initial integration of networking experiments on VINI/Emulab with undergraduate networking courses.

OLD milestone (changed 2/2/09): Due date was revised on 2/2/09 moving the coursework development to the beginning of the fall semester. (Additionally, the 'demo' milestone was moved up to coincide with GEC4.)

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