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(edit) @1806   9 years lnevers adding rspec that uses the 2 shared layer 2 VLANs named …
(edit) @1805   9 years lnevers Renaming the click-router GRE RSpec which was not used in testing
(edit) @1802   9 years lnevers Updating the 2 racks click scenario to use shared VLANs …
(edit) @1791   9 years lnevers changed schema location for shared-vlan grom to
(edit) @1771   9 years lnevers moved the openflow experiment example up one level, removing earlier …
(edit) @1770   9 years lnevers RSpecs used to capture the experiment example for OpenFlow with VLAN …
(edit) @1752   9 years lnevers Rspecs for Kentucky versions used for testing
(edit) @1751   9 years lnevers synching up final versions used in testing with checked in version for …
(edit) @1748   9 years lnevers replace all instances of urn:publicid:IDN+xxxvmsite+authority+cm with …
(edit) @1747   9 years lnevers updated images ofr exogeni examples and re-ran rspec to verify that …
(edit) @1729   9 years lnevers Rspecs used in OpenFlow Experiment Example for Niky
(edit) @1723   9 years lnevers adding initial version of Confirmation Testing RSpecs for FIU
(edit) @1721   9 years lnevers initial version of Confirmation Test Rspecs
(edit) @1692   9 years lnevers replaced indiana with Rutgers
(edit) @1685   9 years lnevers removed extra rspec which did not belong in this test case
(edit) @1684   9 years lnevers modified some files, and adding remaining rspec for IG-CT-4 as …
(edit) @1680   9 years lnevers fixed syntax error in rspec
(edit) @1677   9 years lnevers Initial version of RSpecs for Northwestern
(edit) @1669   9 years lnevers deleted file which was not used, but was accidentally checked in
(edit) @1668   9 years lnevers Rspecs used for the test case execution
(edit) @1664   9 years lnevers files used in the running of the test
(edit) @1659   9 years lnevers RSpec EG-EXP-1-gpo.rspec used for test case, also checked in Utah …
(edit) @1658   9 years lnevers version used to complete the test
(edit) @1657   9 years lnevers version used to complete the test
(edit) @1656   9 years lnevers Adding Rspecs to be used in re-running EG-EXP-6
(edit) @1653   9 years lnevers adding files used in EG-EXP-5
(edit) @1652   9 years lnevers Some updated for Rutgers and Indiana OpenFlow as well as some other …
(edit) @1651   9 years lnevers adding the Click example Rspec, have two scenarios. IG-EXP-7-gpo.rspec …
(edit) @1650   9 years lnevers Updating RSpec capture current resources used to re-run IG-EXP-5
(edit) @1649   9 years lnevers Additing IG-EXP-7 RSpec.
(edit) @1647   9 years lnevers updated to capture the new required disk image, and the new check for …
(edit) @1646   9 years lnevers missed port
(edit) @1644   9 years lnevers Adding RSpecs for IG-EXP-6
(edit) @1641   9 years lnevers adding RSpecs used for IG-EXP-4
(edit) @1639   10 years lnevers wrong datapath,old DPID
(edit) @1638   10 years lnevers fixed typo in address
(edit) @1637   10 years lnevers adding files used in ExoGENI EG-CT-4 for GPO and RENCI sites.
(edit) @1622   10 years lnevers updated dpid
(edit) @1621   10 years lnevers removed old comments
(edit) @1620   10 years lnevers modified comments
(edit) @1619   10 years lnevers removed old version of ExoGENI nodes unsupported image
(edit) @1618   10 years lnevers typo in file name
(edit) @1617   10 years lnevers updating the RSPEC used for the CT 4 for Utah and GPO
(edit) @1616   10 years lnevers Checking in the current version in use to set IG-CT-4 multisite …
(edit) @1608   10 years lnevers Confirmation Test Rspecs successfully used to for GPO IG rack
(edit) @1602   10 years lnevers missed one of the strings to replace in the template
(edit) @1601   10 years lnevers updates that capture RSpec actually used in the test cast EG-CT-1
(edit) @1600   10 years lnevers updates that capture RSpec actually used in the test cast EG-CT-1
(edit) @1599   10 years lnevers Modified template rspec for new images supported
(edit) @1598   10 years lnevers Modified template rspecs to reflect the new images supported
(edit) @1597   10 years lnevers RSpecs used in inital ExoGENI Scaling and being used to update EG-EXP-3
(edit) @1589   10 years lnevers Adding a new PG rspec that combines the PG Shared VLAN node and the …
(edit) @1588   10 years lnevers had checked in wrong file
(edit) @1585   10 years lnevers Adding RSpecs that are used to setup the OpenFlow Interoperability …
(edit) @1583   10 years lnevers adding example RSpecs for Niky
(edit) @1581   10 years lnevers fixing errors in IG-CT-4-openflow-uen.rspec
(edit) @1580   10 years lnevers initial version of RSPEC for BBN and RENCI ExoGENI, to be user for …
(edit) @1577   10 years lnevers initial RSpec for 2 site scenario, need information for GPO InstaGENI rack.
(edit) @1576   10 years lnevers removed extra tag
(edit) @1575   10 years lnevers Utah InstaGENI rack initial RSpec for CT single rack tests
(edit) @1574   10 years lnevers RENCI is the first site to run thru CT, checking in RSpecs. Also …
(edit) @1573   10 years lnevers Adding template RSpecs for new site and other RSpecs required for …
(edit) @1571   10 years lnevers moving ConfirmationTests RSpec from Spiral4 to Spiral5
(edit) @1570   10 years lnevers Adding directory structure to capture RSpecs for New Site Confiramtion …
(edit) @1532   10 years lnevers updating BBN rspec
(edit) @1531   10 years lnevers updating UEN and BBN rspec
(edit) @1499   10 years lnevers s/openflow-mesoscale/mesoscale-openflow
(edit) @1498   10 years lnevers Adding UEN Rspec for IG-EXP-5 exp1 and exp2, plus fixed some typos in …
(edit) @1466   10 years lnevers adding missed file
(edit) @1442   10 years nriga Modified also user info
(edit) @1441   10 years nriga Updated omni_config
(edit) @1436   10 years lnevers removing rspecs from previous run, which ran as 1 experimenter and …
(edit) @1433   10 years lnevers added missing sliver_type
(edit) @1419   10 years lnevers re-executed procedure and renamed test to use a naming convention that …
(edit) @1414   10 years lnevers restoring the old DPID, incorrectly thought there was an error in the …
(edit) @1413   10 years lnevers Incorrect description, updating to reflect correct experiment
(edit) @1412   10 years lnevers modified the component manager ID for OF rutgers, which is not the …
(edit) @1411   10 years lnevers modified descriptions in file that had incorrect experiment, and also …
(edit) @1409   10 years lnevers cleaned up comments to reflect RSpec content
(edit) @1408   10 years lnevers modified subnet mask
(edit) @1407   10 years lnevers Fixed subnet mask error
(edit) @1406   10 years lnevers missed BBN OF Rspec file for experiment 3
(edit) @1402   10 years lnevers Adding EG-EXP-6 RSpecs for 3 experiments
(edit) @1373   10 years lnevers Updated RSpec to include bare metal node with 2 interfaces at BBN, …
(edit) @1341   10 years lnevers adding configuration for initial run of the IG-EXP-5 test case
(edit) @1336   10 years lnevers modified file name to include .rspec
(edit) @1335   10 years lnevers checking in current version of the test rspecs
(edit) @1322   10 years lnevers updated configuration to capture addition of RENCI shared VLAN hosts …
(edit) @1309   10 years lnevers adding modification to reflect the combined tests run on Friday, plus …
(edit) @1308   10 years lnevers adding modification to reflect the combined tests run on Friday, plus …
(edit) @1300   10 years lnevers Modified Rutgers OF ports, IP addr for WAPG node pg2 at Rutgers, and …
(edit) @1299   10 years lnevers adding RSpecs for initial run of EG-EXP-5, along with README that …
(edit) @1255   10 years lnevers Adding RSpec used in step 6 of IG-EXP-2
(edit) @1249   10 years lnevers Adding IG-EXP-1, IG-EXP-2, IG-EXP-3 Rspecs
(edit) @1243   10 years lnevers Adding GENIRacks RSpecs directory structure for Acceptance Tests
(edit) @1205   10 years jbs Don't need component_manager_id as of FOAM 0.8.
(edit) @1203   10 years chaos * noop test commit
(edit) @1201   10 years jbs Update GENI wiki copies of Plastic slices rspecs after migrating to FOAM.
(edit) @1194   10 years nriga The example omni_config file for this example.
(edit) @1192   10 years nriga Added the rspecs for the HelloGeni page
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