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(edit) @1914   11 years lnevers Rspecs used to complet New Site Confirmation Tests for GATech
(edit) @1752   11 years lnevers Rspecs for Kentucky versions used for testing
(edit) @1751   11 years lnevers synching up final versions used in testing with checked in version for …
(edit) @1721   11 years lnevers initial version of Confirmation Test Rspecs
(edit) @1692   11 years lnevers replaced indiana with Rutgers
(edit) @1685   11 years lnevers removed extra rspec which did not belong in this test case
(edit) @1684   11 years lnevers modified some files, and adding remaining rspec for IG-CT-4 as …
(edit) @1680   11 years lnevers fixed syntax error in rspec
(edit) @1677   11 years lnevers Initial version of RSpecs for Northwestern
(edit) @1622   12 years lnevers updated dpid
(edit) @1621   12 years lnevers removed old comments
(edit) @1620   12 years lnevers modified comments
(edit) @1619   12 years lnevers removed old version of ExoGENI nodes unsupported image
(edit) @1618   12 years lnevers typo in file name
(edit) @1617   12 years lnevers updating the RSPEC used for the CT 4 for Utah and GPO
(edit) @1616   12 years lnevers Checking in the current version in use to set IG-CT-4 multisite …
(edit) @1608   12 years lnevers Confirmation Test Rspecs successfully used to for GPO IG rack
(edit) @1589   12 years lnevers Adding a new PG rspec that combines the PG Shared VLAN node and the …
(edit) @1585   12 years lnevers Adding RSpecs that are used to setup the OpenFlow Interoperability …
(edit) @1581   12 years lnevers fixing errors in IG-CT-4-openflow-uen.rspec
(edit) @1577   12 years lnevers initial RSpec for 2 site scenario, need information for GPO InstaGENI rack.
(edit) @1576   12 years lnevers removed extra tag
(edit) @1575   12 years lnevers Utah InstaGENI rack initial RSpec for CT single rack tests
(edit) @1573   12 years lnevers Adding template RSpecs for new site and other RSpecs required for …
(add) @1571   12 years lnevers moving ConfirmationTests RSpec from Spiral4 to Spiral5
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