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Added a Plastic Slices directory, and the Plastic Slices rspecs; copied from syseng, with passwords removed.

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1<?xml version="1.0"?>
2<!-- This rspec will reserve all hosts in the GT mesoscale MyPLC that
3     are known to exist as of 2011-03-04.
6<RSpec type="SFA">
7  <network name="plc.gtpl1">
8    <site id="s2">
9      <name>gtrnoc</name>
10      <node id="n1">
11        <hostname></hostname>
12        <sliver></sliver>
13      </node>
14      <node id="n2">
15        <hostname></hostname>
16        <sliver></sliver>
17      </node>
18    </site>
19  </network>
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