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Adding EG-EXP-6 RSpecs for 3 experiments

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1This directory contains the request RSpecs used for the
2three experiments described in EG-EXP-6.
4Experiment1/User lnevers: (EG-EXP-6-exp1-*)
6-       1 VM w/shared VLAN at BBN 
7-       1 VM w/shared VLAN at RENCI
8-       SubNet used
9-       OpenFlow Controller on port 33017
11Experiment2/User lnevers1: (EG-EXP-6-exp2-*)
13-       2 VM w/shared VLAN at BBN (See note 1)
14-       2 VM w/shared VLAN at RENCI
15-       SubNet used
16-       OpenFlow Controller on port 33018
18Experiment3/User lnevers2: (EG-EXP-6-exp3-*)
19-       1 PG GPO MESO
20-       1 WAPG
21-       1 VM w/shared VLAN at BBN
22-       SubNet used
23-       OpenFlow Controller is on port 33020
25Note 1: Test case was originally written to include one bare metal node.
26The bare metal nodes are only available via ExoSM, which brings up the
27following options:
29 a. Replace the BBN SM reservation with a reservation via the ExoSM,
30but this will cause the next step to fail. The RENCI SM reservation
31will report that a sliver by that name already exists, due to the
32ExoSM request. To get around this problem, one option is to replace
33the bare metal node with a VM, so that the requests could be submitted
34as expected to each of the local SMs.
36b. Replace the BBN SM reservation with a reservation via the ExoSM, but
37create a new slice and sliver name for the RCI portion. So the BBN
38resources are reserved via the ExoSM, and the RENCI resources are
39reserved via the local RENCI SM.
41Option a was chosen for this test.
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