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modified descriptions in file that had incorrect experiment, and also modified the image for the pgeni node, which incorrectly pointed to emulab rather than pgeni.

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1This directory contains the request RSpecs used for the
2three experiments described in EG-EXP-6.
4Experiment1/User lnevers: (EG-EXP-6-exp1-*)
6-       1 VM w/shared VLAN at BBN 
7-       1 VM w/shared VLAN at RENCI
8-       SubNet used
9-       OpenFlow Controller on port 33017
11Experiment2/User lnevers1: (EG-EXP-6-exp2-*)
13-       2 VM w/shared VLAN at BBN (See note 1)
14-       2 VM w/shared VLAN at RENCI
15-       SubNet used
16-       OpenFlow Controller on port 33018
18Experiment3/User lnevers2: (EG-EXP-6-exp3-*)
19-       1 PG GPO MESO
20-       1 WAPG
21-       1 VM w/shared VLAN at BBN
22-       SubNet used
23-       OpenFlow Controller is on port 33020
25Note 1: Test case was originally written to include one bare metal node.
26The bare metal nodes are only available via ExoSM, in order to complete the
27inital test run with the local SM, the second experiment was modified to use
282 VM at BBN.  Will have additional run to use Bare Metal.
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