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Diversified Router

1Development of a Diversified Router for Experimental Research in Networking
3Jon Turner
6Overview: The purpose of this project is to develop a diversified
7router platform to enable networking researchers to more easily
8construct experimental networks that explore new and potentially
9disruptive architectural innovations. A diversified network consists
10of a shared infrastructure or substrate, on which multiple
11metanetworks can co-exist. The planned diversified router platform is
12a key building block for such a network, and provides a variety of
13processing resources that can be used to implement diverse
14metarouters. The diversified router substrate enables these resources
15to be configured on behalf of individual metarouters, and provides the
16isolation to allow the metarouters to co-exist, without interference.
17The system architecture is highly scalable and can support metarouters
18with IO capacities ranging from 10 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s. The architecture
19provides great flexibility in the ratio of processing capacity to IO,
20and can support system configurations in which this ratio is an order
21of magnitude larger than in conventional routers.
23Deliverables: We plan to implement a prototype of the diversified
24router platform, including the control software to configure and
25manage the various system components, as well as several metarouters
26that demonstrate its operation. The prototype system will be
27constructed from subsystem level components compatible with the
28Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA). It will
29include both General-purpose Processing Engines (GPE), which run a
30conventional operating system and provide a standard application
31development environment, and Network Processing Engines (NPE) that
32offer substantially higher performance.
34Status. Our initial development system consists of a five slot ATCA
35chassis hosting two GPEs (each of these is a dual Xeon server blade)
36and two NPEs (these each have two IXP 2850 network processors), all
37connected through a 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch blade with VLAN
38support, which is used to provide metarouter isolation. We have
39developed software for the NPEs that implements multiple IPv4
40metarouters, and can be extended to support non-IP metarouters. We
41have also developed the NPE software for a Line Card, which provides
42IO interfaces to external links and traffic isolation among the
43metalinks sharing each interface.
44We are currently in the process of integrating the NPE software
45components and completing the configuration control software. The
46intital version of the system is designed to operate as a Planet Lab
47node, and will use the Planet Lab control software to define user
48slices, implemented as Vservers running in the GPEs. This will be
49augmented by mechanisms that allow users to define a fast-path running
50in the NPEs, that they can control from their Vservers.
52Demonstrations. We expect to demonstrate the initial Planet lab
53version of the system by the end of 2006. We plan to follow this up
54with a version of the system that is compatible with VINI. We expect
55to be able to demonstrate a VINI-compatible system in the first half
56of 2007. In addition, we plan to assemble a larger system
57configuration in the first half of 2007 (a 14 slot chassis), to enable
58construction of higher performance metarouters.
60Relationship to GENI. The diversified router platform is intended to
61serve as a prototype for the GENI backbone platform. The GENI version
62will require higher level control software that is compatible with
63GENI and will require changes to the NPE software to accommodate
64GENI-specific protocols and packet formats.