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3Matt Welsh and Josh Bers
5We have been awarded an NSF grant to develop an urban-scale sensor
6network testbed, called CitySense. The idea is to deploy 100+ nodes
7consisting of embedded Linux PCs with 802.11a/b/g and fancy weather
8sensors on light poles all over Cambridge, MA. The testbed is intended
9to be an open platform, like PlanetLab, allowing multiple users to
10program and monitor the network.
12I am attaching the original project description from the proposal.
13We don't have a formal web page yet but that should go online soon.
15The award is very recent (8/1/06) so we are just now starting on the
16prototyping effort. Our first milestone is to build a small-scale
17testbed with 5-10 nodes and deploy it on the rooftops at Harvard and
18BBN, to get experience with the hardware and software, before we grow
19it out to larger numbers. It is a 4-year project in total so our main
20deliverables will be to have the complete network up and running in
21Year 3 or Year 4. The proposal has a more detailed timeline.
23The genesis of these ideas and the proposal itself came about around
24the same time that work on GENI was getting started, so it was a happy
25coincidence that CitySense has so much overlap with the GENI
26prototyping efforts. We certainly envision CitySense as a prototype of
27the wireless sensor component of GENI. (I am involved on the GENI
28Wireless Working Group as well) Because our nodes are fairly capable
29we can imagine CitySense also offering an 'urban wireless' environment
30for GENI, quite separate from its sensors. So we are excited to get
31this system built up and start getting users on board.