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Quarterly Status Report --- Dec 2009

1 GENI Quarterly Status Report - December 2009 Project: GENI Experiment Control Using Gush Start:   July 1, 2008 PIs:     Jeannie Albrecht, Williams College          Amin Vahdat, UC San Diego 1. Major Accomplishments     The main accomplishments this quarter were the submission of a Gush experiences paper to TridentCom and the completion of my second user study.  In order to complete the user study, 18 students in my Distributed Systems course at Williams College used Gush and Nebula to run their final projects on PlanetLab.  Although the students still had some problems with Gush/Nebula and running their code on PlanetLab, overall I think that all of the groups were successful in the end, and I was very pleased with the outcome of the projects.  1.1. Milestones Achieved a.  Poster - Although I was unable to attend the first night of GEC 6, I sent a poster to be displayed at the demo session that documents the functionality of Gush and Nebula.  b.  Course Development - As part of my course development milestone, I completed a second user study based on student feedback in the course.  Also, I had 18 undergraduates using Gush and Nebula to run distributed systems on PlanetLab.  Course materials are available upon request and on my course webpage. c.  Gush release - Gush v0.2 was released (it is available through svn in the usual place). 1.2 Deliverables Made The past three months of work on Gush have resulted in progress towards three of our deliverables: code development, code release, and documentation.  In terms of code development, we finished integrating geniwrapper into Gush in place of the old PLCAPI-based communication, and thoroughly tested its functionality.  In terms of code release and documentation, we continued to update our website with additional details for developers.  In addition to code development and release, I also wrote and submitted a paper to TridentCom.  The paper describes how we have integrated Gush with resources from three control frameworks: PlanetLab, ORCA, and ProtoGENI.  (Note that this integration is still very much a work in progress, but basic functionality does exist.) 2.  Description of Work Performed 2.1 Activities and Findings The main activities this quarter involved writing a paper for TridentCom and using Gush in the classroom.  To this end, I conducted a user study to obtain more formal feedback from my students.  2.2 Project Participants The PIs are Jeannie Albrecht and Amin Vahdat.  Other participants to date include three undergraduates at Williams and a graduate student at UCSD. 2.3  Publications Jeannie Albrecht.  Managing Distributed Applications Using Gush.  (In submission to TridentCom 2010.) Jeannie Albrecht and Ryan Braud. Application Management and Visualization. In Demo Session Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Peer-to-Peer Systems (P2P), September 2009. Elliot Jaffe and Jeannie Albrecht. PlanetLab - P2P Testing in the Wild. In Demo Session Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Peer-to-Peer Systems (P2P), September 2009. Jeannie Albrecht. Bringing Big Systems to Small Schools: Distributed Systems for Undergraduates. In Proceedings of the Fortieth ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), March 2009. 2.4 Outreach Activities No outreach activities were completed this quarter. 2.5 Collaborations Our main collaboration to date is still with John Hartman at the University of Arizona and the GpENI group.    In addition, we still remain in contact with groups at UMass and Duke University about Gush-related collaborations with ORCA and DOME.  We have also been communicating with Rob Ricci regarding ProtoGENI support in Gush. We are in the process of setting up a phone call with Beth Plale to begin discussing our future collaboration. 2.6 Other Contributions I attended GEC 2, GEC 3, GEC 4, GEC 5, and GEC 6 and presented at all conferences.  I am also current serving as the Experiment Services Working group co-chair.