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1Project Status Report
2Period: April 1, 2012 - July 25, 2012
4I. Major accomplishments
6We completed a set of scenarios, three of which related to current events of interest on GENI (illicit downloading of music, DDoS attack on GENI, and collecting and sharing data), and two of interest to the Internet in the future (elections and telephone-to-tweet service in the context of Arab Spring). The latter will help us plan for expansion of the attribution framework to the global Internet from the prototype in GENI.
9A. Milestones achieved
11Attrib: S4.a -- Use cases for the GENI Attribution Framework (Scenarios, done)
12Attrib: S4.b -- Requirements for the GENI Attribution Framework (in progress)
13Attrib: S4.c -- Design of the GENI Attribution Framework (in progress)
14Attrib: S4.d
16B. Deliverables made
18None this reporting period
20II. Description of work performed during last quarter
22A. Activities and findings
24We have begun the integration of the GENI Attribution framework with the Hive Mind project's infrastructure, as requested by the program manager. Currently, we have a requirements document and a design document in preparation; we expect to have these completed within 2 weeks.
26Matt Bishop has collaborated with non-GENI colleagues on a paper extending the work done earlier to include thoughts on metrics for resilience, which is relevant to the Attribution in GENI project because it studies how to measure resilience, and indeed what resilience is. This paper is an extension of the one presented at EICAR (see below), and will go to the Journal of Virology.
28B. Project participants
30Matt Bishop, University of California at Davis
31Mina Doroud, University of California at Davis
32Jeffrey Hunker, Jeffrey Hunker Associates
33Carrie Gates, CA Technologies
35C. Publications (individual and organizational)
37* R. Ford, M. Carvalho, K, Mayron, and M. Bishop, "Towards Metrics for Cyber Resilience", 21st EICAR Annual Conference Proceedings (May 2012) pp. 151-159.
38* M. Bishop, M. Doroud, C. Gates, and J. Hunker, "Attribution in the Future Internet: The Second Summer of the Sisterhood", Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security (July 2012) pp. 63-69.
40D. Outreach activities
42Matt Bishop presented a talk on attribution in the future internet at the 11th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security. He also presented a talk on the insider problem at the University of Bologna, Italy. He also is chairing the USENIX poster session this year, and reviewed and provided feedback on student posters.
44Carrie Gates served as General Chair of the LASER 2012 workshop, and Matt Bishop served as one of the program co-chairs. The goal of this workshop ("Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results") was to discuss experimental methodologies, especially those that led to unexpected results, in experimental (cyber) security research, encouraging people to share not only what works, but also what doesn't. Given the increased importance of computer security, the security community needs to quickly identify and learn from both success and failure. The workshop focused on research with a valid hypothesis and reproducible experimental methodology, but that produced unexpected results or that did not validate the hypotheses. Also of interest were methodologies that addressed difficult and/or unexpected issues, or that identified previously unsuspected confounding issues.
45The workshop was planned as a first step towards this type of sharing. It was very successful, and another one is being planned for next year.
47E. Collaborations
49We have been collaborating closely with the Hive Mind project (project number 1792) on its infrastructure. The goal of both projects is to provide a basis for the Attribution Framework to use the infrastructure that the Hive Mind has been developing, and to implement the framework in a way that minimizes the burden of gathering attributes, specifically using the "digital ants" to do so. The design is still under way.
51F. Other Contributions