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Demo pitch script

1Hello, I'm John Kinnebrew from the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University, and I'm demoing our C3STEM project.  C3STEM stands for the Collaborative, Community-situated, and Challenge-based STEM learning environment.  This project addresses some of the important needs in early preparation and engagement of students in science, math, and engineering. In particular, our focus is on improving learning in these fields through modeling and simulation activities that also promote collaborative problem-solving skills. To do this, C3STEM provides a cloud-based environment that leverages high-speed networks for students to work together on realistic traffic simulations. In the context of a traffic challenge problem, they work through a series of progressively more complex C3STEM units that I will demonstrate.
2In these units, students move between two modeling and simulation environments in which they have to combine their understanding of math and physics with new concepts in how computers and simulations work.  In the first environment, students use visual programming to build detailed models of how cars move and operate in traffic on a small scale.  Then they apply this conceptual understanding to solve problems in large-scale traffic simulations that are created on-demand in the cloud.  This simulation platform is designed with collaboration in mind, allowing students to work together on a joint simulation from multiple locations.
3Overall, our results have shown significant learning with C3STEM in the conceptual understanding of computation and modeling, as well as the physics and math topics covered in these traffic units. Ultimately, we hope that the C3STEM approach will provide a powerful way to engage large numbers of students in science and engineering, while preparing them with the skills needed for learning and collaboration in the modern world.