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#5 Failure instrumentizing passive-only slice Bootstrapping defect 08/23/12

I created a sliver configured to only install and enable passive services (full rspec attached):

<gemini:node type="mp_node">


<gemini:active enable="no" install="no"/> <gemini:passive enable="yes" install="yes"/>



When I ran instrumentize.py on this slice, I got the following traceback and the instrumentize quits early.

Placing the LAMP Cert on Node:"GN" to allow it to complete setup

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "./instrumentize.py", line 327, in <module>


File "/home/geniuser/src/UW/gemini_util.py", line 1404, in install_Active_measurements

if (nodes_sliver_urns[node_sliver_urn]active?enable? != 'yes'):

KeyError?: 'enable' Running Active Services Install Scripts on Node: "GN"

Active Services Scripts on Node: "GN" completed.

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