09:46 Ticket #182 (Universtiy of Houston updates to restore a standard exogeni version ...) created by lnevers@bbn.com
During the execution of the GENI RACK checklist, it was discovered …


11:23 Ticket #181 (Advertise known neuca-images) created by ahelsing@bbn.com
It would be helpful to tools and experimenters if the Ad RSpec listed …


17:01 Ticket #180 (Support rebooting VMs) created by ahelsing@bbn.com
A common thing for GENI experimenters is for them to want to reboot …


10:28 Ticket #177 (Set up DNS records for fiu-ssg.exogeni.net) closed by tupty@bbn.com
fixed: Chris poked Jonathan to make sure DNS was updated, and now I can ping …
10:04 Ticket #179 (Noticable delay between sliver ready and interfaces being configured ...) created by lnevers@bbn.com
In the past few days of testing, I have noticed that some interfaces …


13:41 Ticket #178 (Missing FIU compute resource aggregate at GMOC monitoring) created by lnevers@bbn.com
Running monitoring test case EG-CT-5 for New Site Confirmation Testing …
08:20 Ticket #137 (Site Confirmation - Site administrator instructions incomplete) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: Reviewed updates and they address the initial request. Closing ticket.
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