09:29 Ticket #108 (Unable to renew sliver at ExoSM) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: Closing this ticket and tracking issue resolution in ticket #59.


16:37 Ticket #110 (SSH Keys: The keys of only one user are installed in the nodes) created by nriga@bbn.com
Createsliver gives the capability to a user to provide login …
16:33 Ticket #109 (SSH Keys: Only one ssh key is installed) created by nriga@bbn.com
If in createsliver a user specifies multiple public ssh keys to be …


15:39 Ticket #108 (Unable to renew sliver at ExoSM) created by lnevers@bbn.com
Attempts to renew several slivers each fail as follows: […]


13:55 Ticket #95 (FlowVisor version) closed by jbs@bbn.com
fixed: Victor and I talked on IRC, and concluded: […] and […] So, …


14:44 Ticket #107 (Two VM sliver remain in 'configuring' status with 2 resource ...) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: Sorry about the delay, meetings.... I just tried and no longer see …
10:39 Ticket #107 (Two VM sliver remain in 'configuring' status with 2 resource ...) created by lnevers@bbn.com
A request for a 2 VMs sliver in the BBN rack has been in "configuring' …


15:10 Ticket #106 (wiki.exogeni.net references to incorrect/missing paths) created by lnevers@bbn.com
This tickets captures several link/path issues in the ExoGENI Wiki: …
13:42 Ticket #105 (Unable to create slivers at BBN SM and ExoSM) created by lnevers@bbn.com
All attempts to create slivers at the BBN SM are now reporting: […] …
11:12 Ticket #15 (AM API acceptance tests report a mismatch between component_id in ...) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: Forgot to update this yesterday. The AM API Acceptance test was run …


15:40 Ticket #103 (Can't log in to bbn-w4) closed by jbs@bbn.com
fixed: Looks good; I can log in now. Thanks!
11:49 Ticket #104 (BBN worker nodes have inconsistent /etc/resolv.conf) created by jbs@bbn.com
On the BBN worker nodes, /etc/resolv.conf is inconsistent: […] (I …
11:20 Ticket #103 (Can't log in to bbn-w4) created by jbs@bbn.com
I can ping bbn-w4 from bbn-hn, but can't log in, either with my LDAP …


21:25 Ticket #102 (BBN head not is not responding to AM API requests) closed by jbs@bbn.com
fixed: The exogeni-ops folks were able to get things running again.
10:00 Ticket #102 (BBN head not is not responding to AM API requests) created by lnevers@bbn.com
Attempts to access the BBN Head node are failing: […]
07:06 Ticket #101 (Creatiing 2 slivers with 25 VMs each results in numerous errors for ...) created by lnevers@bbn.com
In attempting to run EG-EXP-3 "ExoGENI Single Site 100 VM Test" …


21:17 Ticket #100 (Bare metal node interface not configured as requested in RSpec) created by lnevers@bbn.com
Created a sliver named "2bare" at the ExoSM that requested 1 bare …
13:38 Ticket #43 (RSpecs: Ensure manifests include assigned IPs, etc) closed by ahelsing@bbn.com
13:38 Ticket #78 (RSpecs: Manifest fails to preserve interface client_ids) closed by ahelsing@bbn.com
13:38 Ticket #99 (RSpecs: manifest needs correct slice and sliver-info schema locations) closed by ahelsing@bbn.com
11:36 Ticket #99 (RSpecs: manifest needs correct slice and sliver-info schema locations) created by ahelsing@bbn.com
The slice_info and sliver_info RSpec extensions are hosted at a …
10:17 Ticket #44 (RSpecs: Clean up link component_id for readability) closed by ahelsing@bbn.com
fixed: It doesn't look like anything changed here since the last roll-out. …
10:03 Ticket #46 (Unable to determine number of available resources from listresources output) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: The current output from listresources at the BBN SM, RENCI SM and …
09:59 Ticket #51 (shared vlan requests fail to complete and result in geni_status failed) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: Set up 12 shared VLAN slivers and each came up without a problem. …
09:42 Ticket #85 (Slice credentials are not checked when executing listresources on a sliver) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
09:28 Ticket #94 (Creating a 1 vm shared vlan sliver causes exception at RENCI rack) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: This problem is resolved, able to create and use slivers with the …
09:27 Ticket #84 ("Exception during join for unit" is reported during a sliverstatus) closed by chaos@bbn.com
fixed: Closing this, since Luisa said it could be closed.


09:31 Ticket #82 (Upgrade FOAM to 0.8) closed by jbs@bbn.com
fixed: Victor says that he upgraded FOAM on the RENCI and BBN racks to 0.8.2 …


13:27 Ticket #98 (Add xCAT Yum repository to bbn-hn) created by jbs@bbn.com
bbn-hn installs software from the xCAT Yum repository, but doesn't …


14:10 Ticket #97 (Users with too-long usernames) closed by jbs@bbn.com
invalid: Ok, we can close it as "invalid" then.
13:51 Ticket #97 (Users with too-long usernames) created by jbs@bbn.com
A couple of users on bbn-hn have usernames that are longer than eight …
12:40 Ticket #96 (Source RPMs for packages on bbn-hn) created by jbs@bbn.com
There are some packages on bbn-hn that include software that listens …
11:12 Ticket #95 (FlowVisor version) created by jbs@bbn.com
On both bbn-hn and rci-hn, 'rpm -qi flowvisor' says "Version : …
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