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creating a sliver with one vm at BBN and one vm at RENCI fails with "No Edge Domain Exist" error

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Priority: major Milestone: EG-EXP-4
Component: Experiment Version: SPIRAL4
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Creating a sliver with one VM at BBN and one VM at RENCI results reports the following:

$ ./src/ -a exobbn createsliver 2sitesslice1 --api-version 2 exorspec/exo-1vm-bbn-1vm-renci.rspec
INFO:omni:Loading config file omni_config
INFO:omni:Using control framework pgeni
INFO:omni:Slice expires on 2012-07-24 14:19:50 UTC
INFO:omni:Substituting AM nickname exobbn with URL, URN unspecified_AM_URN
INFO:omni:Substituting AM nickname exobbn with URL, URN unspecified_AM_URN
INFO:omni:Creating sliver(s) from rspec file exorspec/exo-1vm-bbn-1vm-renci.rspec for
INFO:omni:Asked to reserve resources. Result:
INFO:omni:<!-- Reserved resources for:
	Slice: 2sitesslice1
	At AM:
INFO:omni: ------------------------------------------------------------
INFO:omni: Completed createsliver:
  Options as run:
		aggregate: exobbn
		api_version: 2
		framework: pgeni
		native: True
  Args: createsliver 2sitesslice1 exorspec/exo-1vm-bbn-1vm-renci.rspec
  Result Summary: Slice expires on 2012-07-24 14:19:50 UTC
Asked to reserve resources. No manifest Rspec returned. Request id: null
Embedding workflow ERROR: 4:No Edge Domain Exist:
INFO:omni: ============================================================

The RSpec exo-1vm-bbn-1vm-renci.rspec:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rspec type="request" 
<node client_id="geni1" component_manager_id="urn:publicid:IDN+bbnvmsite+authority+cm">
 <sliver_type name="m1.small">
   <disk_image name="" version="397c431cb9249e1f361484b08674bc3381455bb9" />
 <interface client_id="geni1:0">
    <ip address="" netmask="" />
<node client_id="geni2" component_manager_id="urn:publicid:IDN+rcivmsite+authority+cm">
 <sliver_type name="m1.large">
   <disk_image name="" version="397c431cb9249e1f361484b08674bc3381455bb9" />
 <interface client_id="geni2:0" >
   <ip address="" netmask="" />
<link client_id="center">
  <interface_ref client_id="geni1:0" />
  <interface_ref client_id="geni2:0" />

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You can't ask BBN SM to give you resources from RENCI. Marked 'invalid'

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