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configure serial console access from bbn-hn to 8052.bbn.xo and 8264.bbn.xo

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The serial consoles of the two BBN rack switches, 8052.bbn.xo and 8264.bbn.xo, should be reachable from bbn-hn.

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(This was split off from 10, since serial console access is a different task from LDAP/RADIUS access via SSH.

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Assigning to Jonathan, who has a permanent adapter for Chaos to install. Intention is for this ticket to close upon delivery of adapter to Chaos.

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In particular, Jonathan will bring 2x adapters (for the management and data switches) and a USB hub (so we can actually plug everything in) to GEC. When i'm back in the office, i'll plug it all in, make sure it all works, then close this.

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Just to get this ticket up to speed:

  • Jonathan brought a USB hub to GEC for me to install on our ExoGENI rack.
  • Chris mentioned that something is wrong with the hub's buffering, and he thinks this is causing serial connections attached via the hub to print garbage characters sometimes.
  • Chris asked what brand the USB hub is: i'm looking at it right now, and as far as i can tell, it is totally no-name, i.e. i can't find a name anywhere on it. Jonathan, do you know what it is or where you got it?
  • Regardless, we need to figure out what to do about the USB cabling of the rack. A reminder of that situation again:
    • bbn-hn has only two USB ports on the back
    • because of the way the rack is put together, the USB ports on the front of bbn-hn are entirely inaccessible (it's not just a question of cable length: we would have to remove the front door of the rack or tunnel through metal walls in order to get USB cables from back to front)
    • We need to plug in three things: 8264.bbn.xo's console, the keyboard, and the UPS monitoring cable. If we have the option, we'll plug in 8052.bbn.xo's console, but it's not as important.

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I believe that this has been resolved; please correct me if I am wrong.

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Sure, that's fine. I had left the ticket open because Chris had some concerns about the USB hub hardware in use in the rack. But i think it's fine with us as long as it's fine with your group.

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