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Renew sliver error is not very clear

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I was debugging something and ended up trying to renew a sliver for 20 days, the error I got was:

Failed to renew sliver on unspecified_AM_URN ( (got result 'None'). Error from Aggregate: code 1: Requested new end date is after slice expiration or exceeds system default.

I am guessing that "exceeds system default" actually means "exceeds AM's maximum". It would be nice if the error was a bit more descriptive of the actual error and maybe return what is the AM maximum so that the experimenter does not repeatedly try to hit a date within the allowed timeframe.

And since I am creating a ticket it would be helpful if the two cases (>slice_expiration and >AM max) have separate errors to help the user understand where the error is and how to fix it.

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