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ExoGENI Rack Administrative procedure for Emergency Stop - Documentation requirement

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Priority: major Milestone: EG-ADM-7
Component: Administration Version: SPIRAL5
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The test case EG-ADM-7 checks for availability of ExoGENI rack documentation. This ticket captures the requirement to deliver the ExoGENI Emergency Stop Administrative procedure. Overall goal is to have documentation that provides a procedure for performing a shutdown operation on any type of sliver on an ExoGENI rack in support of an Emergency Stop request.

The ExoGENI Emergency Stop Document for Administrators is being defined at This ticket will track feedback on the Emergency Stop wiki page, as it is expanded during the execution of the Emergency Stop and as it relates to test case EG-ADM-7.

Will execute a full review of the ExoGENI Emergency Stop Document upon completion of EG-ADM-3 test, which is expected to be run on March 6th or 7th.

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The introduction in the ExoGENI Emergency Stop Document at lists 4 shutdown options are available to the reader:

  1. Shut down slice or slivers through the ORCA SM
  2. Shut down parts of slice/slivers through the ORCA rack AM actor
  3. Shut down VM slivers on a specific rack using OpenStack
  4. Shut down bare metal slivers on a specific rack using xCAT

But the sections describing these options do not match the naming form the initial list of options:

  Shutdown via ORCA controller
  Shutdown via ORCA authority
  Shutdown via OpenStack
  Shutdown via xCAT

Request: Please keep component naming and terminology consistent:

  1. ORCA SM vs ORCA Conroller
  2. ORCA rack AM actor vs. ORCA Authority
  3. "Shutdown" vs "shut down"
  4. "slivers" term is used in the summary, but not in the description for OpenStack and xCat sections.

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I fixed a and b.

Depending on the context, 'shutdown' can be a noun while 'shut down' is a verb.

Part (d) is left as a mental exercise for the operator. A VM or a baremetal node is a specific type of a sliver and an operator should be expected to understand that.

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Thanks for the updates. Will revisit this ticket when the procedure after the completion of the Emergency Stop test (EG-ADM-4).

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