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#106 new references to incorrect/missing paths

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Component: AM Version: SPIRAL4
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Updates on each of the items in the original ticket description:

The page in the "GENI Resources" section references:

Should be:

The OpenStack page has been moved from the public to the private area and the software page no longer references the incorrect link. The above is no longer an issue.

The page , in the "OpenStack" section listing 3 files references the following:

The file "" in not at the location.

The link for the file is now correct, but there are 3 new non-existing links:


The page references an incorrect path in the "Start FOAM (needs custom script)" line. It uses

which should be

The page is no longer public it is now private.

The references to the SVN location of foam-init.d-centos no longer exist.

On the page

The link to the BBN Rack:

Actual link has "_" and should be:

The link to the BBN rack check_mk is still incorrect on the page

On the page in the "Details" section, the link for the UNC Euca:


Does not exist, should it?

The page no longer exists.

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