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Unable to create slivers at BBN SM and ExoSM

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Component: Experiment Version: SPIRAL4
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All attempts to create slivers at the BBN SM are now reporting:

Asked to reserve resources. 
No manifest Rspec returned. Error encountered converting RSpec to NDL via 
converter service: Unable to contact/use any of specified NDL-RSPEC converters 

And connections are refused at the ExoSM

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Two things happened - we were fixing ExoSM and needed to add RAM to the VM so it had to be rebooted and that VM also hosts one of the NDL converters, so it was out. At the same time, it looks like we forgot to auto-start the second redundant converter on the BBN head node after the maintenance period. Both are up now.

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I just tried to create a sliver on the ExoSM and got:

Asked to reserve resources. No manifest Rspec returned. ERROR: this user is not on the controller's whitelist 

I can set up slivers on the local BBN SM.

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Tried again this morning to continue my experiment and the while list problem is gone from the ExoSM, but the BBN SM is not accessible, attempts to use omni commands on the BBN rack fail with:

  Result Summary: Got no resources. No resources from AM [Errno 111] Connection refused 

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BBN head node rebooted this morning (possible hardware problem, we're looking at logs). All Orca containers have been restarted. Old slices are likely lost.

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This is no longer and issue, closing ticket.

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