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#75 Ad RSpec: Typo in an interface trivial AM SPIRAL4
#24 Ad Rspec: same component_manager_id throughout minor AM SPIRAL4
#25 Ad Rspec: stitching extension issues minor AM SPIRAL4
#26 Ad RSpec: Include external references minor AM SPIRAL4
#40 RSpecs: stitching extension has extraneous whitespace minor AM SPIRAL4
#42 RSpecs: clean up sliver_id in manifests minor AM SPIRAL4
#43 RSpecs: Ensure manifests include assigned IPs, etc minor AM SPIRAL4
#44 RSpecs: Clean up link component_id for readability minor AM SPIRAL4
#63 RSpecs: ugly node component_name somebody minor AM SPIRAL4
#65 Ad RSpec: Duplicate link somebody minor AM SPIRAL4
#124 Improve error message when openstack errors occur somebody minor AM SPIRAL5
#136 Exception encountered while creating slive with 1 VM and 1 bare metal node somebody minor Experiment SPIRAL5
#137 Site Confirmation - Site administrator instructions incomplete minor AM SPIRAL5
#158 Check expires in request rspec and fail createsliver as appropriate somebody minor AM SPIRAL5
#159 services_post_boot_script not reporting $self.MAC() and $sliceID() somebody minor Experiment SPIRAL5
#165 Manifest Rspec reports allocate VMs as "exclusive="true" should be exclusive="false" somebody minor Experiment SPIRAL5
#171 bbnadmins do not have sudo on BBN rack worker nodes minor Administration SPIRAL5
#172 getversion should return geni_am_type somebody minor AM SPIRAL5
#176 Poor UDP performance in ExoGENI racks somebody minor AM SPIRAL5
#1 setup exogeni trac instance for ExoGENI testing major Administration SPIRAL4
#2 create sliver for incorrect component manager fails with exception major AM SPIRAL4
#3 Requested unsupported RSpec V3 sliver results in exception major AM SPIRAL4
#4 Advertisment RSpec does not include type="advertisement" major AM SPIRAL4
#5 RSpec V3 not supported major AM SPIRAL4
#6 Manifest RSpec does not include valid stitching element and attribute 'lastUpdateTime' major AM SPIRAL4
#7 Advertisment RSpec fails with various errors major AM SPIRAL4
#10 enable LDAP/RADIUS access to BBN rack management and dataplane switches major Administration SPIRAL4
#11 define full reverse and forward zones for BBN rack's public IPs major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#12 finalize government property paperwork for the delivered BBN rack major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#13 Register up-to-date contact information for ExoGENI with GMOC major Administration SPIRAL4
#14 Four node ring topology results in all interface having 1 address somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#15 AM API acceptance tests report a mismatch between component_id in manifest and request rspecs major AM SPIRAL4
#16 A 2 node create sliver completes but 'geni_status' is 'failed' somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#17 Creating a 5 node linear sliver results in geni_status failed major AM SPIRAL4
#18 creating an experiment topology with no IP defined causes a "Embedding workflow ERROR" somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#19 configure serial console access from bbn-hn to 8052.bbn.xo and 8264.bbn.xo major Administration SPIRAL4
#20 members of the bbnadmins group should have access to network devices in the BBN site somebody major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#21 LDAP password change on racks doesn't work due to LDAP replication issues major Administration SPIRAL4
#22 clarify minor inconsistencies in rack layout diagram major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#23 placement of PDUs within rack should be documented on the exogeni wiki major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#27 Ad RSpec: follow node/link/interface ID conventions major AM SPIRAL4
#28 configure an always-on IP address for testing VLAN 1750 connectivity to the BBN ExoGENI rack somebody major EG-ADM-1 OpenFlow SPIRAL4
#29 site admins have inconsistent privileges in nagios installations major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#30 need support for a per-user nagios e-mail notification setting major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#31 Creating sliver with 1 VM at BBN and 1 VM at RENCI results in Error:Exception encountered somebody major EG-EXP-4 Experiment SPIRAL4
#32 DNS entries are not defined for 8052.bbn.xo and 8264.bbn.xo major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#33 Private IPs assigned for iSCSI array should be in /etc/hosts major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#34 verify mechanism for protecting bbn-hn from SSH password-guessing attacks major EG-ADM-2 Administration SPIRAL4
#35 FOAM is down on bbn-hn major OpenFlow SPIRAL4
#36 RSpecs: Rack Ads including proper stitching extension major AM SPIRAL4
#45 RSpecs: Avoid 2 nodes with same interfaces/links major AM SPIRAL4
#46 Unable to determine number of available resources from listresources output somebody major EG-EXP-3 Experiment SPIRAL4
#47 Creating a sliver with 2 BBN VMs and 2 RCI VMs results in 4 hosts at BBN Rack somebody major EG-EXP-4 Experiment SPIRAL4
#48 Change FlowVisor admin password somebody major OpenFlow SPIRAL4
#49 Josh shouldn't be in xoadmins major AM SPIRAL4
#50 13 node linear sliver fails with geni_status: 'failed' somebody major EG-EXP-3 Experiment SPIRAL4
#51 shared vlan requests fail to complete and result in geni_status failed major EG-EXP-5 Experiment SPIRAL4
#52 ORCA sliver expiration major AM SPIRAL4
#53 Requests for any sliver results in "No matching global declaration available for the validation root" somebody major EG-EXP-5 Experiment SPIRAL4
#54 Unable to create a sliver with Bare metal node major EG-EXP-4 Experiment SPIRAL4
#55 WrongRspecType for manifest and advertisment RSpecs for AM API tests somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#56 Sliver status reports "Exception: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" error major Experiment SPIRAL4
#57 sliver listresources only show login for first node when requesting nodes on shared vlan only major EG-EXP-5 Experiment SPIRAL4
#58 Sliver status for monitoring sliver returns "Error during join for unit" somebody major EG-MON-1 Monitoring SPIRAL4
#61 Ad RSpec: missing ptop_extension schemaLocation major AM SPIRAL4
#62 Ad Rspec: stitching extension rspeclint errors major AM SPIRAL4
#67 bare metal fails to boot for EG-EXP-4 experiment 2 somebody major EG-EXP-4 Experiment SPIRAL4
#68 RSpecs: Manifest lists AM ID as the component_id somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#69 RSpecs: make client_id have GID at end? major AM SPIRAL4
#70 exogeni ORCA monitoring should report the head node itself using an aggregate tag rather than a resource tag major Monitoring SPIRAL4
#71 BBN switches not responding to RADIUS login somebody major EG-ADM-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#73 creating a sliver with one vm at BBN and one vm at RENCI fails with "No Edge Domain Exist" error somebody major EG-EXP-4 Experiment SPIRAL4
#78 RSpecs: Manifest fails to preserve interface client_ids major AM SPIRAL4
#79 RSpecs: Manifest fails to preserve interface IP element major AM SPIRAL4
#81 renewsliver not working in BBN rack somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#82 Upgrade FOAM to 0.8 major AM SPIRAL4
#83 RSpecs: fully remove stitching so rspeclint passes somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#84 "Exception during join for unit" is reported during a sliverstatus somebody major EG-EXP-2 Experiment SPIRAL4
#85 Slice credentials are not checked when executing listresources on a sliver major AM SPIRAL4
#86 ExoGENI does not support slice delegation major EG-EXP-4 Experiment SPIRAL4
#90 User who created sliver can incorrectly use other user's slice cred to do any operation on slivers somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#93 Identifying ExoGENI software somebody major EG-MON-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#94 Creating a 1 vm shared vlan sliver causes exception at RENCI rack somebody major EG-EXP-6 AM SPIRAL4
#95 FlowVisor version major EG-MON-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#96 Source RPMs for packages on bbn-hn major EG-MON-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#97 Users with too-long usernames major EG-MON-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#98 Add xCAT Yum repository to bbn-hn major EG-MON-1 Administration SPIRAL4
#99 RSpecs: manifest needs correct slice and sliver-info schema locations somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#100 Bare metal node interface not configured as requested in RSpec somebody major EG-EXP-1 AM SPIRAL4
#101 Creatiing 2 slivers with 25 VMs each results in numerous errors for VMs and links somebody major EG-EXP-3 AM SPIRAL4
#103 Can't log in to bbn-w4 major Administration SPIRAL4
#104 BBN worker nodes have inconsistent /etc/resolv.conf major Administration SPIRAL4
#105 Unable to create slivers at BBN SM and ExoSM somebody major EG-EXP-6 Experiment SPIRAL4
#107 Two VM sliver remain in 'configuring' status with 2 resource "ticketed" in the BBN rack major EG-EXP-6 AM SPIRAL4
#108 Unable to renew sliver at ExoSM somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#109 SSH Keys: Only one ssh key is installed somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#111 FOAM sliver not cleared at expiration time major EG-EXP-6 AM SPIRAL4
#112 ImageProxy unable to retrieve image failure reported for major EG-EXP-6 AM SPIRAL4
#113 Redirection error on bbn-w7 somebody major AM SPIRAL4
#114 Unable to SSH into bare metal nodes somebody major AM SPIRAL4
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