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Enterprise GENI: Prototype, Demonstrate and Create Kits for Replication

Technical Contacts

PI: Nick McKeown
Guru Parulkar

Participating Organizations

 Stanford University, Stanford CA

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Josh Smift


The scope of work on this project is to illustrate how GENI can be deployed on local networks, such as campus and enterprise networks, and to develop a kit that allows the work demonstrated in this project to be easily replicated elsewhere.

Priority activities that contribute to this scope include the following items:

  1. Deploy Enterprise GENI technology in a campus (wireline and wireless).
  2. Integrate an OpenFlow network with a GENI control framework in an Aggregate Component Manager.
  3. Provide access to Enterprise GENI testbeds for GENI users.
  4. Define an Enterprise GENI deployment kit for research and potential commercial transition.

Current Capabilities


Spiral 1

Spiral 2

Spiral 3

Enterprise GENI milestones for Spiral 3 are all in support of mesoscale OpenFlow campus deployment efforts, and are no longer tracked separately on this wiki. See OFSTAN for a list of relevant milestones.

Project Technical Documents

The Enterprise GENI project will be participating in the Control Framework working group. An API document for the "mimimal" interface between an OpenFlow Aggregate Manager and the PlanetLab GENI clearinghouse is expected as part of the project integration and design work.

The Stanford OpenFlow team demonstrated OpenFlow at  GEC3. View the  slides and listen to the audio (coming soon).

The Enterprise GENI Aggregate Manager code and documentation is available on the  OpenFlow Aggregate Manager page.

Bugs, forums, code review activities for OpenFlow software development projects at Stanford

Please add other links to wiki pages or repository locations for the project's technical documents. Make sure to include any documents submitted to GENI working groups.

Quarterly Status Reports

2008-Q4 Status Report
2009-Q1 Status Report
2009-Q2 Status Report Download
2009-Q3 Status Report Download
2010-Q1 Status Report Download
2011-Q1 Status Report

Spiral 1 Connectivity

An OpenFlow network will be installed at Stanford. The network will be serving locations in the Computer Science department, and one or more campus wireless access points. IP connectivity between Stanford and the PlanetLab clearinghouse at Princeton is required. IP connectivity to other projects in Cluster B is required for integration and demonstration (GushProto, ProvisioningService, MidAtlanticNet, GpENI, OverlayHostingNodes, GENISecurity, and GENIMetaOps). IP connectivity to other OpenFlow switches on Internet2 and NLR (not installed by GENI) and potentionally other core networks is desired. Virtual Ethernet (L2) connectivity between the OpenFlow switches at Stanford and Internet2 GENI virtual ethernets via CENIC is required. An already existing OpenFlow switch at Stanford tunnels through CENIC to access another already existing OpenFlow switch on Internet2, so it may be possible to reuse the existing infrastructure for GENI.

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