Milestone IMF: S4.e Demonstration at GEC14 and Experimenter Outreach

6 years late (07/31/12)

  • Define, prototype and demonstrate an authorization mechanism for your I&M Orchestration capability; consider the message signing being proposed by NICTA. This goal relates to the authority (end-to-end) of a given entity to perform a given actuation action. Scope includes ensuring that there is a provision for messages to be injected into the messaging system with accompanying signatures, and that messages with signatures are carried through the messaging service without damaging or altering the signature so they can be verified by and endpoint. Scope includes generating or verifying signatures. (Goal 7)
  • Modify, prototype and demonstrate the GENI I&M Orchestration capability to manage I&M services/slivers within a separate slice or within an aggregate; this can be used to actuate a function. Scope includes defining, prototyping and demonstrating any additional layers of functionality that are needed for authorization or other issues when (i) messages source and target are different slices, or one is a slice and the other is a substrate, (ii) when the messages are intended to actuate resources, like the OMF EC and RC (i.e. it is a verification of the integration of Goals 2,4,6). (Goal 8)
  • Include an authorization mechanism for your Measurement Pub/Sub? capability that is based on XEP-0060 Authorize Access Model. . Scope includes authorization related issues related to the pub/sub records, and repositories (thus going beyond GEC13 prototype). (Goal 10)
  • Demonstrate your Measurement Pub/Sub? capability by transporting and distributing standardized GENI resource event records, as defined by the NetKarma project; these records could describe events such as assignments, faults or errors. (Goal 11)
  • Include a data repository associated with your Measurement Pub/Sub? capability, that could subscribe to a node and archive all event messages. Scope includes internalizing into the GENI Messaging Service an instance of the type of repository showcased in GEC13. (Goal 12)
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