Milestone IMF: S4.c Demonstration at GEC13 and Experimenter Outreach

7 years late (03/15/12 00:00:00)

  • Include entity authentication for entities registered to your GENI Messaging service (XMPP server), using SASL and certificates; public key certificates for each entity can be stored locally, or retrieved from a registry. Generating certificates, or certifying, is not within the scope; the scope includes the capability to receive such certificates and store/retrieve in/from a registry. (Goal 4)
  • Define the issues related to the need for providing a resource assignment mechanism (using the GENI AM API) for users (experimenters and operators) to add pub/sub nodes within the GENI Messaging service, and manage them. Such issues include considerations of authority to create, modify and delete such nodes, to publish and subscribe to them, articulating what managing implies, relative merits of providing such a service as part of GENI Messaging Service or asking users to provide it themselves on their own slice, etc. (Goal 5)
  • Prototype and demonstrate a GENI I&M Orchestration capability to manage I&M services/slivers all within one slice; use ORBIT Management Framework (OMF) software modules provided by NICTA, including the Experiment Controller (EC) and the Resource Controller (RC), that communicate using the GENI Messaging service. As proof of concept, develop OMF-style RC modules for one or more optical substrate devices. (Goal 6-b)
  • Prototype and demonstrate a GENI I&M Measurement Pub/Sub capability to transport event (or measurement) records; include software modules that collect the records, communicate using the pub/sub services in the GENI Messaging service, archive the records in a repository, search the records, and display the records. (Goal 9-b)
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