Milestone IMF: S4.a Demonstration at GEC12 and Experimenter Outreach

7 years late (11/04/11)

  • Participate in the GENI I&M effort, focusing on providing basic capabilities, and on extending the architecture to include messaging and pub/sub mechanisms.
  • Define, prototype, demonstrate and operate a GENI Messaging service, that operates in public IP space, to provide XML message routing services utilizing an XMPP server, plus pub/sub services following XEP-0060; show how multiple servers could be federated. (Goal 2-a,b)
  • Include an administrative and management interface to the GENI Messaging service. (Goal 3)
  • Define a GENI I&M Orchestration capability to manage I&M services/slivers all within one slice; use ORBIT Management Framework (OMF) software modules provided by NICTA, including the Experiment Controller (EC) and the Resource Controller (RC), that communicate using the GENI Messaging service. As proof of concept, develop OMF-style RC modules for one or more optical substrate devices. (Goal 6-a)
  • Define a GENI I&M Measurement Pub/Sub? capability to transport event (or measurement) records; include software modules that collect the records, communicate using the pub/sub services in the GENI Messaging service, archive the records in a repository, search the records, and display the records.

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